Facebook with its Libra cryptocurrency will develop a closed system like WeChat

Watch Richard Strul’s prediction about the future of Facebook and Libra in video. According to him Facebook will try to set up a system similar to Crypto Revolt in which Libra will have a leading role. The reflections presented in this prediction series also touch on other ideas of the macroeconomic order. We invite you to discuss each prediction made by sharing your opinion with us.

What is WeChat?

It is a Chinese social network with over a billion users. We can no longer really call it a social network but rather a set of applications that can do almost everything:

At present it is necessary to link a bank account or credit card to your WeChat account. The digital yuan should most definitely be implemented in this ecosystem. Even if WeChat is currently confined to Asia, it could be trying to establish itself in the West in order to overshadow the euro and the dollar.

Richard Strul indicates that the digital environment over the last 5 years has been defined by companies like Google, Apple, Facebook … in order to be able to trace their users as well as possible. The fact that we are identified (logged in) and many to use these „services“ makes it possible to follow our movements and the number of „customers“ to make reliable statistics. Facebook is a social network, of exchanges, it will therefore be easier to make a network of transactions. Also according to Richard Strul, Facebook and the United States would be well advised to set up this in order to counter WeChat and to maintain the „supremacy“ of the dollar on the yuan.

Like Richard Strul, do you think Facebook, with its 2.5 billion users, will try to replicate the WeChat model?

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