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• AltSignals’s Phase 2 presale has quickly reached its 50% mark, fueled by a proprietary trading service and AI craze.
• AltSignals is tapping into the power of AI to supercharge trading results with their new ActualizeAI service.
• $ASI has potential to reach $0.1 in 2024 as more investors join ActualizeAI.

AltSignals Quickly Reaches 50% Mark in Phase 2 Presale

Phase 2 of AltSignals presale has raised more than $1.15 million, representing approximately 51.12% of the tokens sold out. The quick success underlines strong investor interest in the token of the trading signal service, despite a price rise from $0.01625 to $0.01875 in phase two.

AltSignals Leverages AI for Supercharged Trading Results

AltSignals is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a game-changing platform for traders in stock, forex, crypto and CFD markets via their new ActualizeAI service. Investors will become members when they buy $ASI – which will both power the community and be used as a medium for exchanging value between traders – granting them access to quality signals from the AltSignals team; an algorithm already producing over 3,782 accurate signals with 64% accuracy rate on average since launch day last year..

High Demand for AI Trading Service

The enthusiasm surrounding ChatGPT’s launch at the end of 2022 changed attitudes toward machine learning and sentiment analysis – leading to an increased demand for AI applications across all industries including crypto and stock markets – thus driving investor interest towards services like AltSignal’s ActualizeAI platform that can potentially offer high returns due to algorithmic based predictions .

$ASI Could Reach up To $0.1 in 2024

Analysts are projecting that if more investors start joining ActualizeAI then it could help drive prices of ASI up significantly; with some predicting a possible rise up to $0.1 by 2024 – making it one of 2023’s biggest success stories so far in terms of token growth .


Despite only being in its second phase, AltSignal’s presale has already been incredibly successful due to increased demand driven by an increasingly popular shift towards AI-based solutions – which could lead ASI’s potential worth up to 10 times what it is currently valued at within 12 months according to some analysts predictions .